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♡ Help another LDR couple!?  ♡

So as you may know, Ash and I are somehow functioning in a long distance relationship, but unfortunately it hurts every single day we’re apart.. I literally cannot express in words how difficult it is to be away from the one you love, especially after meeting them in person.

But today i’m not going to talk about that.. i’m here to talk about my friend Emelye and her boyfriend who lives in Australia.

Here’s their story: 

"I’ve really been struggling the past couple of days. My boyfriend lives 9,778 miles (or 15736 km) away from me in Australia. And he finally got to come to America on June 3rd, and we got to meet for the first time. Unfortunately he only got to stay until the 20th of June and I’ve been having such a hard time since he left.
I don’t have many friends (and most of which are online), so after having him here for almost three weeks (getting to sleep beside him, wake up to him, eat meals with him, go everywhere with him, etc.), it’s been really hard having to go back to how it was before.
I’ve been trying to get back into the groove of everything. Trying to be ok with just talking to him through messenger, Skype, etc., but I still can’t help waking up crying when I forget that he’s not next to me.
I plan to move to Australia, but the only thing stopping me as of right now is university. I have to graduate before I can move, and I should be graduating by the end of the summer of 2015. A year is a long time to wait to move, but it’s all I can do right now.
In the meantime, I just recently got a minimum wage job at Starbucks, but I unfortunately don’t start until some time in July. I plan on using every bit of money I earn to save to go visit him. Plane tickets from here to Australia are nearly $3000 though, so I’m going to be working really hard to get the money, while also going as a full-time student at university. I’m going to try to visit him in Australia over winter break in December, because I really want to spend Christmas with him. I just have to hope that I can save up the money by then. That’s why I decided to make this gofundme. If I could get even half of what the plane ticket will cost me, I’m sure I could earn the rest (plus other expenses for while I’m over there) through my job.
Long distance relationships (especially ones with time differences such as ours) can be extremely difficult and I’ve now felt this first-hand. But I won’t give up on it, and I feel closer to him than I ever have with anyone. So I’m going to keep working on my goal of moving there next year.
Thank you guys for listening.”

I’m sharing because I understand.





@Real_Liam_Payne: Happy Christmas everyone


@Real_Liam_Payne: Happy Christmas everyone


[zayn’s voice] like

Niall kissing and playing with his was figure x